Fiona Soe Paing Sings Alien Lullabies

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Fiona Soe Paing has just released an impressive 12 song debut, via Colliderscope Records, complete with visual art by Zennor Alexander to accompany it. Alien Lullabies has been getting rave reviews and it’s no surprise. Her unique sound channels a super funky futuristic blues-tronic vibe that sets itself apart in an effortless blending of styles. Soe Paing has an impressive grasp on storytelling through song and ‘Ballad of the Two Sisters‘ is one example, in which her expressive voice and lyrics capture a longing and sadness that allude to a haunting tale we can only continue to unravel within our own imaginations.

It’s this type of cinematic minimalism that is so alluring; with just a taste our senses can’t help but be enveloped by her sound. Soe Paing draws from a rich sonic palette merging well thought out sound design and electronics, with traditional instruments that make for a quite hypnotic strain of electronica. She captures a playful vibe on ‘Roller Ghoster’ showing that she has an easy grasp on the genre of dance music, yet takes it a step further by deconstructing the arrangement to create the aural simulation of being on a carnival ride. Read an interview with her on her creative process from Creative Scotland.

Soe Paing is also a part of the Female Pressure network and talks about the importance of bringing more attention to female artists in her recent guest article on Female First Magazine.

Alien Lullabies is available to purchase on all the major digital outlets, and you can also get physical copies via her bandcamp page. Have a listen and support this fantastic work of art.