Gudrun Gut, Electronic Musician [Podcast Interview]

Gudrun Gut 2018

Gudrun Gut has been an activist in the underground music world since the late 1970s, and with a music career that spans 4 decades, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her expansive discography is comprised of some of the most engaging and influential work to come out of electronic music, and her latest solo album, Moment, was released in December of 2018 on her Monika Enterprise label. A prolific artist, she’s dabbled in everything from post-punk to techno, was cofounder of the legendary band Malaria! with Bettina Köster, was an original member of Einstürzende Neubauten, and has directed 2 seminal record labels, Monika Enterprise and Moabit Musik.

Gudrun Gut, 1978

Throughout her career, she’s been a staunch advocate for a gender equality and has fought for feminist ideals to great effect. Please join us for an intimate conversation with Gudrun Gut, where we touch on everything from her history in self-directed artistic motivation to the political importance of reigning in music industry gatekeepers to finding a production process that works in the moment, among other intriguing topics. The interview was conducted in Berlin in May of 2019. Thanks for listening!

Gudrun Gut

Be brave. Nobody wants what is already there.

Gudrun Gut, 2019

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About the interviewer:
Christina Broussard aka SciFiSol is an electronic musician and visual artist, writer and interviewer, and founder of Femmecult Magazine. Her work spans the genres of experimental electronic pop, darkwave and techno. She is a live performer, vocalist and DJ, and is also ½ of techno duo, Camino Acid. For more information please visit her online at

Additional commentary appearing in the interview from Berlin-based DJ, Ava Delay

Songs appearing in the podcast:
Gudrun Gut – Cry Easy
Malaria! – Prophet
Malaria! – Slow Rotation
Gudrun Gut – Lover
Greie Gut Fraktion – Grossgrundbesitzer
Gudrun Gut – Musik