House of Coco

coco-sassyIn this podcast, electronic music connoisseur and promoter, Coco Madrid talks to Femmecult about the evolution of her career promoting artists and events over the last decade in the Portland underground music scene. She’s been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade and has curated everything from experimental electronic monthlies to long running dance music events to fashion shows. At the moment, she helps put on the Snap! 90s dance music night at Holocene nightclub and curates a monthly ambient showcase that features underground experimental musicians called Sanctuary Sundays at Lightbar. She also works as a model, spokesperson and curator for fashion events around the Pacific Northwest.  In this fascinating Q&A, Coco talks about experiences she had over the years working in the entertainment industry of the Pacific Northwest, the people she has worked with, and what role art and fashion has played in influencing her work. For this podcast, Coco has selected several songs representative of her favorite styles of music, that are interspersed throughout the interview for an entertaining reflection on the life and experience of a music promoter. Please join us for this interesting conversation with someone integrated into a growing music, art and fashion scene and able to give insights into one of the most up and coming cities in the United States.

Here are the songs that appear in Coco’s interview:

Paula Abdul –
I just really loved this track and would make up dances to it in my den. It just always made me groove! Probably my first introduction to clubby dance music.

Nirvana –
Unlike everyone at my middle school I was very into Grunge. Most people I knew were on the Gangsta Rap while all I wanted to do was wear black and sulk to some Nirvana. I was a very emotional kid!

Stone Temple Pilots –
What can I say? I loved Scott Weiland so much. He was so sexy and crazy!

LTJ Bukem –
Introduction to Drum & Bass and then Jungle. It took me a while to get into these sounds but LTJ eventually won me over.

Carl Craig –
I think the first time I saw him was in 2000. It was at the Roseland for a Moonshine over America tour. My mind was melted and I learned how to do a proper “Candy Hop” that night.

DJ Krush –
My first Downtempo/Abstract Hip Hop crush. With DJ Cam coming in second!

Boards of Canada –
One of the most influential artists that has shaped my life. These dudes have saved me on more than one occasion. And one of the reasons I would like to make my own music someday. I am a fan for life!

Autechre –
Another influential artist that has brought me inspiration to create my own music. Classic!

Disclosure –
Maybe they are a one trick pony like everyone is saying but that doesn’t stop my love for them. They breathed new life into cross over dance music. And their live show! Dayum. Never forget!

Andy Stott –
A combination of sounds that I am very passionate about (Ambient/Dub/Techno), Andy will be in rotation for a long long time. I am so glad that I found him and can’t wait to see him at Decibel this year!

Coco Madrid