International Womens Day 2014

Today is an important day to celebrate women and their contributions to this world. So many women have inspired me along the way and have made me who I am today. When I was younger, it was Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Bjork who taught me that I could realize my dreams in music. That I too, could be punk rock and DIY and do things on my own terms. When I listened to their music, I learned that my voice was important and that I should make myself heard, and that my experiences and journey in life could be an inspiration to others. As I got older and discovered the word for what I was becoming, Feminist, I began to look for things that would broaden my understanding of this culturally “dirty” word. A book was recommended to me called The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler, and it changed my life. It made me realize that what I was taught in my high school history class was by no means the full picture of things that had come before me. There is so much more that women have contributed to history that we were never told. The more I learn about the history of strong women who have dedicated their lives to helping create gender equality in this world, the more amazed I am at their progress in the face of adversity. Yes, things are getting better in the world but we still have a lot of work to do before we can say that women are treated equally and have equal opportunities. Women must stick together in solidarity and help each other when they can, and when they are called to do it. This is a goal of mine and one reason I started this blog. I hope to give a voice to artists who may fly under the radar, but whose life work is just as important and valid as the more visible artists out there. So I pose this question to you. What women have been most inspiring and influential to you?

Check out a song and video written by Greie Gut Fraktion (Antye Greie-Ripatti and Gudrun Gut) for Women’s Day 2014



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Her research was commissioned by Club Transmediale Berlin and published in a shorter form in their 2014 magazine.