Interview with Tiffany Roth of Midnight Magic

Femmecult interviews Midnight Magic band nyc

Midnight Magic out of New York City sounds like a hidden gem that could have been lurking in some classic 70s record bin just waiting to be discovered. Their polished style is reminiscent of cosmic disco — skillfully drenched in funky guitar and jazzy bass, featuring an in your face horn section, spacey synthesizers and a rhythm section that could stand up to any classic disco band. The sensuously smoky vocals of Tiffany Roth are the icing on the cake, and she does an absolutely fantastic job of tying it all together. They are the ultimate party band, giving listeners the opportunity to get out and dance and feel good in an age when pop music takes itself so seriously. Their performances get people up and out of their seats every time with the help of Tiffany’s infectious enthusiasm and top notch vocal stylings.

Midnight Magic was founded in 2008, and they released their debut single “Beam Me Up” on German label Permanent Vacation in 2010 to critical acclaim. They released their debut full length in 2012 “Walking the Midnight Streets” solidifying their status as one to watch in  underground nightlife. Their latest release, “Vicious Love” out on Soul Clap records features remixes that allow for their sound to achieve versatility from the live stage to the DJ booth.

This video interview was filmed during the 2014 Decibel Festival in Seattle and features Tiffany Roth talking about her history and training as a vocalist, and gets into the evolution of Midnight Magic from when they first began to the present day. We delve into some of the technical aspects of their songwriting process and feature a few songs from one of their live performances in New York City. Please tune in for this fascinating conversation the peels back the curtain to get an insightful perspective on the creative process from a talented artist.

Femmecult Interview with Tiffany Roth, vocalist of Midnight Magic from Femmecult on Vimeo.