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Femmecult is an initiative and podcast concerned with giving a voice to groups that are under represented in pop culture. It exists as a platform to provide a space where these unique voices can be heard.

The goal of this project is to bring awareness to a diverse array of artists who may fly under the radar because of the exclusionary commercialism of the entertainment industry and the tendency of a male-dominated industry to exclude the promotion of individuals or groups that it (unintentionally or intentionally) considers hard to sell, or not worth selling to the public. Where cognitive bias exists, it takes radical action to change things and bring enlightenment to the inherent ignorance that comes with traditionalism. Femmecult works to facilitate the promotion of artists and organizations that sometimes fall through the cracks created by cognitive bias, bringing important work to the spotlight.

This repository is a collection of artists who have been working in disciplines related to digital arts and culture, including music, visual art, writing, performance, and promotion of the arts, among others. It is our goal to bring greater diversity to this blog, and to continue to document artists and cultural commentators who might find themselves in the minority because of how they identify. We hope that whoever stumbles upon Femmecult understands the worth of having such a space, and experiences the content on this site with the intention of elevating and expanding their own consciousness. The majority of the content on this site is produced by Christina Broussard // ​SciFiSol Music who has almost 20 years experience as a female electronic music composer and performer. Thank you for reading this, and we hope you enjoy Femmecult!

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